Centennial Academy, Atlanta, GA

Today was unexpected, relentless, painful, and yet, the single most impactful, meaningful, and relevant work I have done in my almost twenty years of teaching. The work we did today has stirred long-hidden and silenced truths within. I had to take a few minutes to decompress when it was all said and done, and even found myself shedding tears in the nearest bathroom in an attempt to release the emotions inside. I want to thank you for challenging us, for teaching us, for being raw with us, and for peeling away the layers we wear that conceal the emotions needed to do the work we do. The skillful manner in which you handled the hulks in the room was fascinating to watch. I read a short piece on your site about how we perceive others, and you truly practice what you preach. Thank you for helping me better understand past situations, and hopefully future ones as they arise. I saw my ugly today, and I saw my beauty. Thank you for being that mirror. Thank you for your work. Thank you for your time.

AFC Talk

Good Evening Dr. Ham,

I attended your training this morning, and I wanted to thank you for the training today.  I have a master's degree, 15 years of experience with adolescents, and years of my own personal therapy... and I don't feel anyone has ever helped me understand the body's response to trauma so clearly.  


AFC Talk

Dear Dr. Ham,

I attended your McKinney-Vento workshop and was blown away. I often leave workshops underwhelmed, but not on Monday. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your honest and kid/layman adult friendly way. I am sure you have a lot going on, but you need to get your info out to the public, be it a TED Talk, a series of videos or a book. 

Sorry for giving you extra work to do ;-)

Assistant Principal

From Training for Advocates for Children

Yesterday's presentation by Dr. Ham was one of the best trainings I have ever attended.  I have attended many trainings about trauma and its effects on the brain and the body, and I have never been able to learn and retain so much of the information.  His humorous style and child like symbolism helped me to learn some of the more complicated aspects of the effects of trauma and how to use this in my work with children and staff.