Do you take insurance?

I do not "take" insurance in the sense that I am not on any insurance company's in-network panel. If I were, insurance companies would pay me about 1/3 of what I need to bill in order to sustain my practice and make a living. 

Can I still use out of network benefits?

Yes, these benefits allow people to see any doctor they wish but at a premium price. You can estimate how much therapy might cost by knowing the information below, which you can find by calling your insurance company or reviewing your benefits brochure. 

Out-of-Network Variables (all of which get reset annually): 

  1. Deductible: the amount you pay before the insurance company starts to contribute.

  2. "Allowed" amount: the cost of therapy that your insurance company uses to calculate your co-insurance.

  3. Co-insurance: the percent of the "allowed" amount that you are responsible to pay plus whatever amount is more than the allowed amount. For example, let’s say that I charge $200 and the insurance company thinks I should charge $100. If your coinsurance is 20% then you have to play $20 + $100 = $120.

  4. Out-of-Pocket Maximum : This is the total amount of money you spend in out-of-network expenses through deductible and coinsurance in a given year after which the insurance company covers 100% of the “Allowed” amount. You may still be responsible for any difference between my rate and the allowed amount.

The insurance company might ask you for the procedure codes I might use. Here is the list of possible codes: 

  • 90791: Evaluation

  • 90834: Individual Psychotherapy

  • 90846: Family Therapy without Patient

  • 90847: Family Therapy with Patient

How do I submit insurance claims? 

Mount Sinai will submit claims on your behalf at the end of every month. After a couple of months, the insurance company will send you a check for any part of the cost they cover. 

How do I pay for therapy? 

I prefer to keep a credit card on file and charge the card after every session.